Maybe Tomorrow, Maybe Next Year

APRIL 26-28 at 8pm in the JKB Black Box

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Maybe Tomorrow, Maybe Next Year is a new collaborative work inspired by Bob Dylan’s seminal 1974 album Blood on the Tracks.

1963. A shy boy falls in love with a bold girl. As they escape on the road to discover America, their love takes many twists and turns through whiskey nights and road trip fights. Maybe Tomorrow, Maybe Next Year employs a common approach to adaptation: it looks at a tale that has multiple sources and synthesizes the divergent narrative branches into one performance. The material, however, isn’t legend, history, or myth; instead, it’s an album: Bob Dylan’s Blood on the Tracks.

FROM THE DIRECTOR: “Bob Dylan’s Blood on the Tracks tells the story of Dylan’s divorce from his wife, Sara, in ten different ways on ten different songs. This narrative splintering engendered in me a curiosity about how fracturing a narrative can deepen an aesthetic and emotional world. I asked a team of writers to listen to the album in its entirety and write some pages that authentically grew out of their experience with one or more of the songs. The play that emerged from this prompt offers a collaboratively generated meditation on the pains of lost love and the possibility of connection in a fractured world. The writers who contributed to Maybe Tomorrow, Maybe Next Year – three Skidmore students, two Skidmore faculty, two professional playwrights, and one poet – have created a collage stitched together by the company’s curiosity about how many times a narrative can be refracted, how that refraction impacts the narrative power of an emotional story, and how Rock and Roll can glue it all together.” – John Michael DiResta

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