Vox: Wom(a)n

NEW WORKS LAB by Lebo Mokoena ’18

VOX: Wom(a)n is a devised piece that employs collaborative efforts in poetry, movement and music. The narrative of the piece revolves around an exploration of the many different voices of womanhood from all walks of life. With an all-women cast, this piece aims to decipher what the inheritance of womanhood means to us, and how this influences the way in which we carry ourselves and look at the world. With poetry that is centered around key issues and questions that surround womanhood, the piece also searches for the shared experiences between women of all ages and attempts to find universal truths amongst women of diverse races and cultural backgrounds.

Featuring: Antonia Benson, Amelia Power, Brittney Kent, Cara Geser, Starr Phillips, and Ziggy Schulting

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