Theater Department Major

Insect Play by Josef and Karel Capek – Fall 2008

Goals for the Theater Major:

Theater majors will

Become innovative theater makers:

· develop the ability to tell stories across the theatrical disciplines

· develop the ability to express a point of view with an original voice

· develop the ability to craft and communicate an artistic vision

· develop a personal vision statement based on their unique talents and unique contributions to the field

· develop an entrepreneurial spirit

· develop the ability to produce, create, support, and / or appreciate original work

Develop the habits of mind and skills of a professional theater artist:

· be conversant with the vocabulary of the theater

· be conversant with the professional practices in the industry

· gain an understanding of all areas of theater practice

· gain a specialized knowledge of at least one area of theater practice

· develop technical and artistic skills that can be adapted and applied to other areas of theater practice and / or to other disciplines

· have the ability to transfer the skills they have learned in the classroom to professional practice

· collaborate across the disciplines of theatrical practice

· offer respectful responses to others’ work and remain open to feedback offered by others

· learn by doing

· reinforce their own learning by teaching others

Engage with the cultural and intellectual contexts in which the theater artist works:

· understand the moral, intellectual and political context in which the theater artist practices

· develop (inter and intra)cultural awareness

· understand theater practice in its historical context

· transform theory into practice

· develop the capacity to interrogate ideas and challenge the self and others while exploring and responding to all forms of theater-making

· encourage difficult conversations, ask important questions about cultural representation, provide a place for interrogating power dynamics, and give voice to marginalized groups.

· develop an understanding of the theater artist’s responsibility to their audiences, communities, and larger society


For information and guidelines regarding major requirements, please see the Course Catalog.