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Skidmore Theater’s first New Works Lab of Spring 2017 is upon us! Created by Lebo Mokoena ’18 and her cast, VOX WOM(A)N is an exploration of modern womanhood through poetry, movement, and song. Join the JKBLife team in a meaningful conversation with the cast about what womanhood means to them personally. Filmed by Giorgos Petkakis […]

Production Articles

Hopes and Fears as 4.48 Approaches

Staff writer Philip Merrick ’19 sits down to speak with a few people involved in the production of Sarah Kane’s 4.48 Psychosis as opening night approaches.



This week on JKB Life, we meet with director Rachel Karp ’18 and the team of studio lab 4.48 Psychosis and ask them about their process. The show, an autobiographical piece written by Sarah Kane, explores the lives of individuals who suffer from mental illness. The show will run Feb 22nd through the 24th in […]

Production Articles

The Beautiful Chaos of The National College Comedy Festival

Despite icy roads and far too much snow, the college comedians arrived last Friday afternoon for what was sure to be a memorable weekend.

Production Articles

Back on Board

The Skidmore Theater Dept. welcomes back four juniors from all over the world in an exclusive interview with Ziggy Schulting ’18.

Faculty & Guest Spotlights

A Conversation with “The Orphan Sea” Director Eunice S. Ferreira

The Orphan Sea director and faculty member Eunice Ferreira talks to staff writer Laura McCullagh ’17 about language, home, and the timeliness of this production. 

Production Articles

Fall 2016 Mainstage: “Who Will Carry the Word”

Current junior Kellina Moore ’18 on the Fall ’16 MainStage production of Who Will Carry the Word.

Production Articles

Fall 2016 Studio Lab #3: “Columbinus”

Staff writer Nina Slowinski ’19 on columbinus, the third Studio Lab of the Fall 2016 semester. 

Production Articles

Fall 2016 New Works Lab #2: “The Dali Project”

Leavis had a strange errand. Why would he be worrying about boxes when his show was about to open? Upon seeing the show, I quickly realized that both the boxes and the absurd are crucial features of The Dali Project.


JKB Life: The Dali Project

Director Shea Leavis ’17 and his cast share their experience with the experimental second New Works Lab of the year, The Dali Project.

Production Articles

Fall 2016 Playwright’s Lab: “You’ll Be Fine”

Today on STLN, Editor-in-Chief Caity Cook sits down with this semester’s Playwrights Lab creative team BIlly Winter ’18 and Rebecca Rovezzi ’18 to have a chat about writing real people, challenging each other, and the importance of collaboration.

Production Articles

Fall 2016 Black Box: “The Orphan Sea”

Caridad Svich’s poetic dance-theater piece The Orphan Sea asks us to stop for a moment and exist in solely the present.

Production Articles

Fall 2016 Studio Lab #2: “The Secret in the Wings”

Secret, Strange By Caity Cook “Samantha, will you marry me?” Mr. Merrick, played by Philip Merrick ‘19 (in this world, characters are named after the actors who play them), asks this question while slowly picking up a single red rose, plucked from his garden by Samantha’s father. He repeats this question, an allusion to the […]

Alumni Profiles

Jon Bernthal ’99

Living Newsletter Editor Gabe Cohn ’16 sits down for coffee with Walking Dead and Wolf of Wall Street actor Jon Bernthal ’99 to discuss Skidmore theater, Scorsese, and baseball. 

Alumni Profiles

Keira Naughton ’93 and Liz Wisan ’02

Keira Naughton ’93 and Liz Wisan ’02, who recently acted together off-Broadway in These Paper Bullets, talk to Living Newsletter Editor Gabe Cohn ’16 over a between-show dinner.

Alumni Profiles

Elizabeth LeCompte ’66

The award-winning theater maverick, MacArthur Genius, and doyen of downtown theater tells never-before-heard stories from the vault–from having Spalding Gray pose for her Skidmore drawing classes to her rebellious turn towards the theater and, ultimately, toward the birth of The Wooster Group.

Production Articles

Embracing and Structuring the Abstract: The Design Team Behind “The Orphan Sea”

Svich’s writing allows designers to find unorthodox and innovative ways to share the story. This freedom has been an exciting opportunity to discover new ways to be storytellers.

Faculty & Guest Spotlights

Faculty Spotlight: Julia May Jonas

By Sarah Rabinowitz ’17 Skidmore Theater’s newest lecturer Julia May Jonas planned on being an actor when she began her undergraduate studies at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts.  In her second year in the acting program, however, Jonas realized that she wanted to have a larger hand in all aspects of making […]



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