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Recent Alumni Spotlights: Rigel Harris ‘16, Brandon Bogle ‘16, and Shea Leavis ‘17

STLN Co-Editor-in-Chief catches up with three recent JKB alums on their experiences since graduating.

Faculty Spotlight: Len Jenkin

STLN co-Editor-in-Chief sits down with guest artist and playwright, Len Jenkin, to talk about theatre, art, literature, and learning as you go.

Translation and Performance Featured at Academic Festival

This past week Professor Eunice Ferreira’s 300-level Translation and Performance class had the opportunity to present their semester long research in the form of staged readings sponsored by the Academic Festival.

Spring 2018 Playwright’s Lab: “Playdate”

Staff writer, Olivia Bagg ’19, sits down with playwright Kallan Dana ’19 to reflect on the two premiere staged readings of her play-in-progress, “Playdate.”

Spring 2018 Director’s Lab: Maybe Tomorrow, Maybe Next Year

Conceived and directed by the Skidmore Theater Dept.’s newest directing faculty member, John Michael Diresta, “Maybe Tomorrow, Maybe Next Year” takes on a distinctly personal exploration of Bob Dylan’s 1975 album “Blood on the Tracks.”

Spring 2018 Mainstage: Julius Caesar

“It’s not about Caesar. This much is clear,” writes staff writer, Kallan Dana ’19, as she covers Lary Opitz’s ninety-minute seminar adaption of the famous and timeless “Julius Caesar.”

Studio Lab #3: “When They Came”

Staff writer, Megan Muratore ’19, covers Skidmore Theater’s third and final Studio Lab of the semester, “When They Came” by MT Cozzola.


Cheers to the opening night of our Spring Mainstage, Julius Caesar!

Julius Caesar: A Dramaturg’s Perspective

Scattered about the Mainstage, the collection of stretching actors looks out of place amongst the towering, violently metal pieces of scaffolding…

16 Questions with Chloe Brush

Come HANG (get it?? a lighting pun??) out with our very own Theater Department dad Chloe Brush for a rapid-fire questions session.

Coffee Date with the JKB Management Team

Before we jump into interviews for the ’18/’19 season, why not get to know the current JKB management team over a cup of coffee?

Studio Lab #2: The Colored Museum

“Welcome aboard the Celebrity Slaveship,” says Jamin Garcia ’20, standing center stage in Studio A and speaking directly to the audience. Two actors (Bri Watts ’20 and Jordan Alvarez ’20) stand behind her holding their cell phones, flashlight mode on, moving in place as she speaks: “I’m Miss Pat and I’ll be serving you here in Cabin A. We will be crossing the Atlantic at an altitude that’s pretty high, so you must wear your shackles at all times…”


Staff writer, Kallan Dana ’19, covers the first seminar production of the Spring semester, Sheila Callaghan’s “Everything You Touch.”

18 Questions with Costume Designer Leah MIrani [JKB LIFE]

Join Leah Mirani on a tour at the Skidmore Theater Costume Shop, where she answers questions on her recent work!

Everything You Touch [JKB LIFE]

We’ve got a show! We’ve got a show! Happy opening to the cast and crew of our Spring Black Box Production, “Everything You Touch!”

Curious what’s in store? Check out this promo for a quick taste.

Behind the Scenes: Bravery and Body Image

Staff writer Em Miller ’20, prepares audiences for director Rachel Karp ’18’s JKB Black Box production of Sheila Callaghan’s “Everything You Touch.”

Studio Lab #1: This Property is Condemned / Talk to Me Like the Rain and Let Me Listen

In Skidmore Theater’s first Studio Lab of the semester, Director/Lighting Designer Erica Schnitzer ’18 artfully combined two short plays by Tennessee Williams: This Property is Condemned and Talk to Me Like the Rain and Let Me Listen.

The Floor is Lava: Blocking Studio Lab #1 [JKB Life]

Two short plays; completely different in time, place, and location. In an impoverished Mississippi railroad town, Willie, an independent preteen with ambitions to emulate her sister’s romanticized but tragic untimely death, attempts to regale the important parts of her life to Tom, an adolescent desperate for companionship.


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