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A Conversation with “The Baltimore Waltz” Senior Actor Ethan Embry

Parker Mumford ’22 speaks with Senior JKB actor Ethan Embry ’19 about his experience acting in Paula Vogel’s “The Baltimore Waltz,” directed by Sarah Marlin ’20.

ComFest Weekend 2019: 30 Years of Funny!

Staff writer Max LoSardo ’20 covers Skidmore’s 30th annual National College Comedy Festival.

Visiting Artist Spotlight: Joe Diebes and “oyster”

Co-editors of STLN Kallan Dana ’19 and Philip Merrick ’19 interview Joe Diebes, creator of “oyster” about his production, his process, and Alan Lomax’s Cantometrics.

Study Abroad Spotlights

Two returning Juniors reflect on their experiences abroad during the fall semester.

Studio Lab #3: “Hir”

Natalie Lifson looks at the last studio lab of the semester, Taylor Mac’s “Hir,” directed by Philip Merrick ’19.

Fall 2018 Mainstage: “We Used to Wear Bonnets & Get High All The Time”

Staff Writer Em Miller ’20 explores the complex themes and character connections of “We Used To Wear Bonnets & Get High All the Time.”

A Conversation with “Hir” Dramaturge August Sylvester

By Em Miller Our final studio lab of the semester is Hir by Taylor Mac, directed by Philip Merrick ’19. The play is a complicated and sometimes surprising piece of theater, so I sat down with the dramaturge, August Sylvester ‘20, to discuss their perspective on it. EM: What is Hir by Taylor Mac? What’s it […]

Femininity, Family, and Ensemble in We Used To Wear Bonnets & Get High All The Time

By Megan Muratore When I walked into the mainstage for a run of We Used To Wear Bonnets & Get High All The Time, the actors had just finished warming up and were on a quick break before starting the show. The room was full of energy and a sense of community among the actors. […]

Studio Lab #2: “Revolt. She Said. Revolt Again.”

Emily Byrne covers the second studio lab of the semester, Alice Birch’s “Revolt. She Said. Revolt Again.”, directed by Zoe Lesser.

Choreographing the Mainstage with Bianca Thompson ’19

Read about the rehearsal process of “We Used to Wear Bonnets and Get High All the Time” as told by cast member and choreographer Bianca Thompson ’19.

5 Questions for “Revolt. She Said. Revolt Again.” Director Zoe Lesser

STLN staff writer Natalie Lifson ’21 chats with Zoe Lesser ’19, director of our second lab of the semester, Alice Birch’s Revolt. She Said. Revolt Again.

Fall 2018 New Works Lab: “For Sale”

Joe Newman-Getzler ’21 covers the internet escapades of our Fall 2018 New Works Lab, “For Sale.”

Fall 2018 Black Box: “33 Variations”

STLN co-editor Kallan Dana ’19 takes us into the two timelines of the Fall 2018 Black Box Production, “33 Variations.”

Orchestrating Multiple Disciplines: Interdepartmental Collaboration in “33 Variations”

Staff writer Nina Slowinski ’19 covers the interdisciplinary collaboration behind this semester’s black box production, 33 Variations.

Studio Lab #1: “Devotees in the Garden of Love”

Staff writer Emily Byrne ’22 covers Skidmore Theater’s first studio lab of the semester, Suzan-Lori Parks’s “Devotees in the Garden of Love,” directed by Grant Landau-Williams ’19.

5 Questions for “Devotees in the Garden of Love” Director Grant Landau-Williams

STLN staff writer Olivia Bagg ’19 sits down with Grant Landau-Williams ’19, the director of Susan-Lori Parks’s Devotees in the Garden of Love, to learn a little bit about our first lab of the semester.

Visit from Tectonic: An Inside Look Into the Devising Process of 33 Variations

Spencer Evett ’21 shares his experience from a workshop with Grant Varjas, a teaching artist with the Tectonic Theater Company, with a video by Hanna Yurfest ’21 and Dante Haughton ’19.

See Beyond Profiles: Jamin Garcia and Nina Slowinski

Read the accounts of our 2018 SEE-Beyond award winners, Jamin Garcia ’20 and Nina Slowinski ’19.


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