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Studio Lab #2: “Playdate”

Delaney Russell ’19 takes a look at the second studio lab of the semester, “Playdate,” written and directed by Kallan Dana ’19.


  Playdate Written and Directed by Kallan Dana (’19) March 21st-23rd Hugh Hefner wakes up one morning and realizes that his home doesn’t feel like his home anymore. His kids seem to be keeping secrets from him, his Playboy Bunnies are creeping about, and his house is haunted by ghosts. Playdate is a dark comedy […]

The Tang Teaching Museum prepares for “Off the Shelf”

Staff writer Jessica Pavia ’20 speaks with the ensemble behind the Skidmore Theater-Tang Museum collaboration: “Off the Shelf.”

“Playdate” Moves From Page to Stage

Basil Lilien ’19 speaks with Emma Goodman, a cast member of the second studio lab of the semester.

Spring 2019 Black Box: “Men on Boats”

Philip Merrick ’19 covers Jaclyn Backhaus’s adventurous “Men on Boats,” directed by Nina Slowinski ’19.

Men On Boats

Men On Boats By Jaclyn Backhaus Directed by Nina Slowinski ’19 Filmed and edited by Max Lowe ’19, Hanna Yurfest ’21, and Lily Kops ’22

Behind the Scenes: Designing “Men on Boats”

Em Miller speaks to the design team of Jaclyn Backhaus’s “Men on Boats,” directed by Nina Slowinski ’19, about their experiences creating the world of this reimagined historical adventure.

Studio Lab #1: The Baltimore Waltz

by Megan Muratore Walking into Studio A, we see a sparsely decorated set (a bed in the center of the room, a table and chair stage right), seating for the audience set up along three of the four walls of the room (with aisles for the actors to walk through), and an old-fashioned projector, with […]

The Baltimore Waltz

Congrats and happy opening to the cast of our first studio lab of the semester, The Baltimore Waltz! Here’s a sneak peek of this sold-out production. You can still email to get on our waitlist for a chance to see this dreamy production. Written by Paula Vogel Directed by Sarah Marlin Filmed and edited […]

A Conversation with “The Baltimore Waltz” Senior Actor Ethan Embry

Parker Mumford ’22 speaks with Senior JKB actor Ethan Embry ’19 about his experience acting in Paula Vogel’s “The Baltimore Waltz,” directed by Sarah Marlin ’20.

Alumni Workshop Weekend

Miranda Coble ’19, Kallan Dana ’19, and Philip Merrick ’19 recount their experiences at the Alumni Workshop last weekend led by Rigel Harris ’16.

ComFest Weekend 2019: 30 Years of Funny!

Staff writer Max LoSardo ’20 covers Skidmore’s 30th annual National College Comedy Festival.

Visiting Artist Spotlight: Joe Diebes and “oyster”

Co-editors of STLN Kallan Dana ’19 and Philip Merrick ’19 interview Joe Diebes, creator of “oyster” about his production, his process, and Alan Lomax’s Cantometrics.

Study Abroad Spotlights

Two returning Juniors reflect on their experiences abroad during the fall semester.


Edited by Maximillian Lowe ’19 and Hanna Yurfest ’21

Studio Lab #3: “Hir”

Natalie Lifson looks at the last studio lab of the semester, Taylor Mac’s “Hir,” directed by Philip Merrick ’19.

Faculty Spotlight: Marie Glotzbach

Staff writer Joe Newman-Getzler ’21 sits down with director and acting teacher Marie Glotzbach to discuss her career path, artistic values, and inspirations.


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