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Spring 2017 Black Box: “Fragments”

“Common sense should determine the stage movement. Let groups form and un-form, but let it be so casual we’re not aware of it. Do not be specific about ‘where we are’ or who the characters ‘are’; they are who they portray, and they are where they are.” – Edward Albee

Spring 2017 New Works Lab #1: VOX: WOM(A)N

VOX: WOM(A)N, directed by Lebo McKoena ’18, is a devised piece that serves as an exploration of womanhood.

A Day in the Life with senior Theater Major Laura McCullagh

In this co-production with Skidmore College, we follow senior Theater major Laura McCullagh for a day as she shares what it’s like working on FRAGMENTS, in the Theater and at Skidmore.

JKB Life: Fragments

This unique footage features moments from the performance and personal stories shared by the acting ensemble. You won’t want to miss this video before stepping into the theater.

Inside “Fragments” with Director Shea Leavis ’17

Staff writer Philip Merrick ’19 sits down with student director Shea Leavis ’17 to get the inside scoop days before the opening of this semester’s Black Box production.

9 Questions for “VOX: WOM(A)N” Director Lebo McKoena ’18

STLN staff writer Sarah Marlin ’20 talks with director Lebo McKoena ’18 about her upcoming New Works Lab

Spring 2017 Studio Lab #1: “4.48 Psychosis”

Staff writer Kallan Dana ’19 on Rachel Karp’s production of Sarah Kane’s 4.48 Psychosis and the interconnectedness of suffering.


Created by Lebo Mokoena ’18 and her cast, VOX WOM(A)N is an exploration of modern womanhood through poetry, movement, and song. Join the JKBLife team in a meaningful conversation with the ensemble about what womanhood means to them personally.

Hopes and Fears as 4.48 Approaches

Staff writer Philip Merrick ’19 sits down to speak with a few people involved in the production of Sarah Kane’s 4.48 Psychosis as opening night approaches.


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