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Leading Ladies: The Direction is Female

Editor-in-Chief, Ziggy Schulting ’18, gives Living Newsletter readers the run-down on this season’s fierce female directors and their projects.

Arts Quad Party 2017

Check out our very own highlight reel from this year’s Arts Quad Party, an event hosted by the JKB to connect all of the arts departments on Skidmore campus.

Faculty Spotlight: John Michael DiResta

STLN Editor-in-Chief sits down with Skidmore Theater’s newest Artist-In-Residence, John Michael Diresta.

Summer Spotlights

Read about what Skidmore Theater students have been up to this summer in the field, with experiences that span from right here in Saratoga to all the way across the country.

Spring 2017 New Works Lab #2: Adore

Staff Writer Kallan Dana ’19 on our final New Works Lab of the semester “Adore,” written and directed by Jack Mulheron ’17.

5 Questions for Writer/Director Jack Mulhern ’17

“Adore,” the final New Works Lab of the semester, is a multi-media approach to a homecoming story. STLN writer Nina Slowinski talks with writer/director Jack Mulhern about his experience combining media and theater.

Spring 2017 Mainstage: “Balm in Gilead”

Three Rules of “Balm in Gilead”:
1.) There is an 85 cent minimum to sit at a booth.
2.) A junkie never falls off his stool.
3.) Dopey is our guide in this world of chaos, and the audience’s only hope of knowing where to look.

Spring 2017 Studio Lab #3: “Four Ten Minute Plays”

By Zoe Lesser “Ultimately, we are looking to tell four distinct truths—a task difficult enough to achieve with just one story. Yet, we also acknowledge that we cannot mask our theatrical setting, nor will we try to—we will only reveal it further.”   Director Nina Slowinski ’19 prefaces Four Ten Minute Plays with this excerpt […]

Minute-to-Minute: “Balm in Gilead” takes Compton’s

Philip Merrick ’19 attends guerilla marketing “Balm in Gilead” event at Compton’s and gives the Living Newsletter a minute-to-minute debrief of what went down.


For one night only, this motley crew of addicts, prostitutes, and thieves take over the diner for an open improv session! This is only a small taste of the dirty, rock ‘n’ roll love-parable that is Balm in Gilead, so get on over to the JKB for this theatrical slice-of-life from 1970s New York!

JKB Life: Four 10-Minute Plays

Listen to the cast and creative team discuss how they went about building their characters and approached forming a cohesive experience from four different theatrical worlds.

Creating Character in Chaos: How to Exist within Balm in Gilead

Staff writer Kallan Dana ’19 investigates how the world of Balm in Gilead acts as a petri dish for the company and characters to grow and evolve—or, rather, devolve, in this semester’s upcoming Mainstage production.

Guest Artist Spotlight: Marcus Dean Fuller

“For the past two weekends, eight fortunate, young actors got the opportunity to work closely with Shakespearean actor, director and producer Marcus Dean Fuller. In this upperclassmen intensive, sophomores, juniors, and seniors spent their Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays with Fuller focusing on the intrinsic nature of Shakespeare’s unparalleled text and the ways in which it begs to be heard, spoken, and ultimately performed.”

Accenting Authenticity: An Inside Look at Studio Lab #3

STLN staff writer Anabel Milton sits down with director Nina Slowinski ’19, actor Philip Merrick ’19, as well as stage manager and light/sound designer Miranda Coble ’19, to discuss the collaborative, and sometimes unconventional, rehearsal process thus far.

JKB LIFE: Management 2017

Join us in JKB Life this week to get acquainted with the 2016-2017 Theater Management Team! Learn about what the masterminds behind-the-scenes love about their jobs, and the most exciting events to come at the 70s Themed House Party this semester, after our last evening performance of Balm in Gilead.

Guest Director Spotlight: Phil Soltanoff

Guest Director of Balm in Gilead, Phil Soltanoff, talks about his journey from teaching at Skidmore to following his professional career around the world, and returning back again to direct this semester’s Mainstage.

Spring 2017 Studio Lab #2: “Knights of the Sales Office”

This production of Knights of The Sales Office, written by Hank Greene and directed by Mira Lamson Klein ’18, demonstrates the rigidity of corporate office culture and simultaneously displays how monotony can collapse with the slightest prod.

5 Questions for “Knights of the Sales Office” Director Mira Klein ’18

STLN staff writer Zoe Lesser ’19 sits down with Studio Lab director Mira Klein ’18 to discuss her upcoming production of “Knights of the Sales Office”


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