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posted on April 14th, 2017 by Giorgos

OPENING IS HERE and to celebrate, in this special edition of JKB Life, we follow the Mainstage cast of Balm in Gilead to COMPTON’S diner in downtown Saratoga. For one night only, this motley crew of addicts, prostitutes, and thieves take over the diner for an open improv session! This is only a small taste of the dirty, rock ‘n’ roll love-parable that is Balm in Gilead, so get on over to the JKB for this theatrical slice-of-life from 1970s New York!

Show runs April 14-15, and 19-23

Filmed by Shea Leavis ’17 and Giorgos Petkakis ’18
Edited by Giorgos Petkakis ’18

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