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Alumnus Designer: Andy Nice

A short interview with 33 Variations scenic designer Andy Nice ’11. Welcome back Andy!

33 Variations Sneak Peek

Video by Dante Haughton ’19 and Hanna Yurfest ’21.

Visit from Tectonic: An Inside Look Into the Devising Process of 33 Variations

Spencer Evett ’21 shares his experience from a workshop with Grant Varjas, a teaching artist with the Tectonic Theater Company, with a video by Hanna Yurfest ’21 and Dante Haughton ’19.


Cheers to the opening night of our Spring Mainstage, Julius Caesar!

16 Questions with Chloe Brush

Come HANG (get it?? a lighting pun??) out with our very own Theater Department dad Chloe Brush for a rapid-fire questions session.

Coffee Date with the JKB Management Team

Before we jump into interviews for the ’18/’19 season, why not get to know the current JKB management team over a cup of coffee?

18 Questions with Costume Designer Leah MIrani [JKB LIFE]

Join Leah Mirani on a tour at the Skidmore Theater Costume Shop, where she answers questions on her recent work!

Everything You Touch [JKB LIFE]

We’ve got a show! We’ve got a show! Happy opening to the cast and crew of our Spring Black Box Production, “Everything You Touch!”

Curious what’s in store? Check out this promo for a quick taste.

The Floor is Lava: Blocking Studio Lab #1 [JKB Life]

Two short plays; completely different in time, place, and location. In an impoverished Mississippi railroad town, Willie, an independent preteen with ambitions to emulate her sister’s romanticized but tragic untimely death, attempts to regale the important parts of her life to Tom, an adolescent desperate for companionship.


To cap off Fall 2017, check out some warm and fuzzy moments from our final Studio Lab, Small Mouth Sounds by Bess Wohl.

Looking back on: Lemons x5 [JKB LIFE]

With our Fall season pushing full speed ahead, join us as we reflect back on the second Studio Lab production of the semester.

Antigone [JKBLIFE]

Bertholt Brecht’s Antigone opens tomorrow at an… undisclosed location. If you attend, make sure you’re not tracked.

Let The Right One In [JKBLIFE]

A human, a vampire(?) and lots of blood await those who visit our Black Box theater this season.

The Zoo Story [JKB LIFE]

“Peter has come to Central Park for some peace and quiet. Jerry has come to Central Park for something else.”

Arts Quad Party 2017

Check out our very own highlight reel from this year’s Arts Quad Party, an event hosted by the JKB to connect all of the arts departments on Skidmore campus.


For one night only, this motley crew of addicts, prostitutes, and thieves take over the diner for an open improv session! This is only a small taste of the dirty, rock ‘n’ roll love-parable that is Balm in Gilead, so get on over to the JKB for this theatrical slice-of-life from 1970s New York!

JKB Life: Four 10-Minute Plays

Listen to the cast and creative team discuss how they went about building their characters and approached forming a cohesive experience from four different theatrical worlds.

JKB LIFE: Management 2017

Join us in JKB Life this week to get acquainted with the 2016-2017 Theater Management Team! Learn about what the masterminds behind-the-scenes love about their jobs, and the most exciting events to come at the 70s Themed House Party this semester, after our last evening performance of Balm in Gilead.


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