BIPOC and Queer Voices

BIPOC Queer Performance

A seminar survey of theater and performance made by BIPOC queer artists and activists, from the Stonewall era to today. Artists considered will include Marsha P Johnson, Willy Ninja, Cherríe Moraga, Ray Navarro, Terrell Alvin McCraney, A Rey Pamatmat, Maria Irene Fornes, Chay Yew, Jeremy O. Harris, George C. Wolfe, and others.

TH250 A, B, C:
Decolonial Performance and Sor Juana

In this modified production seminar, students will engage with decolonial theory and decolonization.  Working from the premise that decolonization is not a metaphor, decolonial thinking will serve as a foundation for performance creation in response to and in dialogue with the work of Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz (including House of Desires), her historical moment, and her legacy in the time/space of (what has become) the Americas.  All disciplines welcome.  Pending safety and health, the course hopes to include presentations for audiences in forms yet to be imagined: one person enactments, installations, papers, virtual experiences, lo que sea.

Black Theater

What is Black Theatre?
It is Black Lives Matter, Hip Hop Theater, Anti-lynching plays, Queer performance, Experimental dance and poetry, Absurd psychological drama, Pageantry, Liberation, Black Joy, Musicals, the history of U.S culture – it’s ALL Black theater! Students will explore dramatic literature, theories and performance of Black intellectuals and artists while considering how the field engages with the intersections of race, gender, sexuality, politics, activism, and transatlantic Blackness. Students have opportunities to perform and produce creative projects. The course fulfills electives for Black Studies, IGR, and Cultural Diversity.

TH306 Theater Management and TH343D Collabs:
Turn and Face the Strange: Creating a Changed Theater Company
(DiResta & Kessler)

This course aims to engage students in responding to the current crisis. We will meet as producers, directors, technicians, designers, writers, dramaturgs, and performers to conceptualize, plan and execute the JKB’s response to the current scenario. We will operate under the premise that Spring 2021 will be a semester devoted to student driven work that seeks to put students at the helm of every facet of production. Therefore, this class will serve as the company to produce the spring season in collaboration with faculty.

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