Julius Caesar

by William Shakespeare

Directed by Lary Opitz

Julius Caesar is a charismatic and brazen populist who seeks absolute power. The people are divided – they love him or hate him. In Shakespeare’s timely political tragedy, a group of senators betray him in order to save the democracy. What motivates them? Patriotism? Ambition? Honor? Greed? Idealism? When the powerbrokers conspire to assassinate Caesar, their factions goad the ever-fickle citizens into angry mobs with charm, rhetoric and empty promises. Can the democracy survive?

Production Info

Directed by Lary Opitz
Scenic Design by Jared Klein
Lighting Design by Chloe Brush ’18
Sound Design by August Sylvester ’20
Costume Design by Patty Pawliczak and Omi Furst ’18
Stage Managed by Romi Moors ’18

Dates & Tickets

April 13-15 + 19-22, 2018
All performances at 8pm, except Sundays at 2pm
Tickets are not availabile at this time