We Used To Wear Bonnets & Get High All The Time

by Julia May Jonas

Directed by Julia May Jonas

An 1890’s factory becomes a 1940’s photography studio becomes a 1990’s live/work space becomes a present-day cultural landmark. A response play to Eugene O’Neill’s Long Day’s Journey Into Night with an all-female cast, We Used To Wear Bonnets & Get High All the Time  is a multi-disciplinary theatrical exploration of inherited trauma, addiction and inter-generational forces beyond our control, as well as an inquiry into how families can become institutions.

From writer / director Julia May Jonas:

“In the summer of 2015 I set for myself the challenge of responding to five classic American plays with five original full-length plays for mostly female situations and society. It started as an exercise — an exploration in structure and storytelling. It was dark and personal, a dubious idea that made me laugh. It was for me.

If you’re an artist you know that the thing you think you won’t show to anyone ends up being the work you show to everyone.

Since that summer of 2015, the project ALL LONG TRUE AMERICAN STORIES, a play-cycle inspired by All My Sons (Arthur Miller), Long Days Journey Into Night (Eugene O’Neill), True West (Sam Shepard), American Buffalo (David Mamet) and Zoo Story (Edward Albee) grows mammoth and mammoth-er.

In addition to the Skidmore Theater production of We Used To Wear Bonnets & Get High All the Time (inspired by Long Days Journey Into Night), the full play-cycle is in development with residencies and showings at places including The Bushwick Starr, Dixon Place, New Georges, Local 61, The Tank, arsnova playgroup, the Great Plains Theatre Conference, NACL, and more.”

Production Info

Written and Directed by Julia May Jonas
Lighting Design: Jared Klein
Scenic Design: Sarah Markley
Composer: Brian Cavanagh-Strong
Sound Collaborator: Emily Hardy
Costume Design: Sam Garwood
Stage Manager: Romi Moors
Assistant Directors: Kallan Dana and Nina Slowinski
Featuring: Olivia Bagg, Sammy Bluth, Lulu Fairclough-Stewart, Jamin Garcia, Meg Gray, Bianca Thompson,Lily Kops, Jessie March, Liliana Mastroianni, Mia Brierly, Rowen Halpin, Izzy Maher, Kat Collin, Kate Gouran, Mary Harriman

Dates & Tickets

November 16-18 and 29-December 2, 2018
Tickets are not availabile at this time