Where Are You Going, Little Horse?

written by Rada Moskova

directed by Margarita Blush

Where Are You Going, Little Horse? is considered one of the gems of Bulgarian puppet theatre and has been staged world-wide. Written in the 1970’s by internationally acclaimed Bulgarian playwright Rada Moskova, the show blends puppetry, shadow imagery, and music to tell a timeless tale of freedom, choice, and consumerism.
The Little Horse cannot keep up with the wild horses and accidentally ventures into the Carnival where everything appears fun and safe. The Master of the Carnival convinces him to stay and to be placed on the carousel where The Little Horse can run without ever getting tired. Very quickly the fun turns into a dizzying nightmare and The Little Horse longs for his freedom. He convinces The Little Boy, the apprentice of the Master, to run away together and after an intense escape and chase, they join the Free Horses and run free, no longer afraid.


*The 2pm performance on Sunday 4/21 will offer Open Captioning. Open Captioning is a live, word-for-word transcription of what the performers are saying as well as sound cues like “phone rings”, “knock at the door”, or “classical music”. Open Captions are visible to all audience members and no one can enable or disable the captions based on their preferences. Open Captioning is preferred by many, including individuals who are deaf or hard-of-hearing, and people whose second language is English. This service is provided by Ai-Media and sponsored by the Office of the Dean of the Faculty, the Presidential Discretionary Fund, IT/Media Services in collaboration with the Arts Administration Program and Theater Department.

Production Info

written by Rada Moskova
directed by Margarita Blush

Dates & Tickets

April 19-21 and 25-27, 2024
All shows at 8pm, except Sunday April 21 at 2pm (*this performance will offer Open Captioning)
Tickets are not availabile at this time