Notable Theater Alumni


Skidmore Theater is extremely proud of all of our alumni. We are particularly proud that a majority of our students have successful careers in the performing arts. Click on the following categories to see many of our former students who have been active in professional theater, film, TV, and more:

Directors and Writers
Producers, Managers, Agents, Casting Directors, Administrators
Stage Managers and Technicians

Theater Companies founded by Skidmore Theater alumni

Many Skidmore Theater graduates have founded successful theater companies and presenting organizations in NYC, Boston, Chicago, and more. This has become a strong ongoing tradition for Skidmore Theater students.

The Bushwick Starr (NYC)
Sue Kessler, Noel Allain, Jay Maury, Jared Klein
2012 Obie winner for their work as a Presenting Organizaton
The New York Times feature on The Bushwick Starr

The National Theater of the United States of America (NYC)
2006 Obie winner for Abacus Black Strikes Now!
The New York Times on The NTUSA
Ryan Bronz, Mark Doskow, Yehuda Duenyas, Jesse Hawley, Jonathan Jacobs, Kirstin Tobiasson

GAle GAtes (NYC)
Michael Counts

No. 11 (NYC)
Erin Daley, Julie Congress, Ryan Emmons, Mitch Conway, Samantha Hooper-Hamersley

Little Did Productions (NYC)
Jessica Lorence, Alex Frost, Rory Shea, Rob Hill, Emily Norton, Luke Santy and Sarah Whalen

Fovea Floods (NYC)
Josh Chambers, Timothy Fannon, Justin Fayne, Sue Kessler, Jared Klein, Rebecca Marzalek-Kelly, Jay Maury, Cate Owren, Jane Pickett, Noel Allain, Jon Bernthal, Alec Brewster, Amanda Maddock, Coleman O’Toole, James Varkala

Citizen Pell Theater Group (NYC)
Jeff Menaker

Vessel (NYC)
Lea Bender, Rachel Bowditch

Filament Theatre Ensemble (Chicago)
Christian Libonati

The Paper Industry (NYC)
Jamie Peterson, Adam Lerman, Brian Smolin, Ilan Bachrach, Risa Shoup, Haley Greenstein

AndHow! (NYC)
Jessica Davis-Irons, Andrew Irons, Brian PJ Cronin, Clayton Dowty

The People’s Theatre (NYC)
Adam Paltrowitz, Noah Opitz
People’s Theatre NYC premiere of Marathon 2002

Kulandini Komedy (NYC)
Matt Kalman, John “Bones” Rodriguez, Alex Goldberg

Hottie$ Galore (NYC)
Adam Dubowsky, Michael Zegen, Tristan Howard, Joe Leone, John Cockcroft

Visions and Voices (Chicago)
John Beckman

Way Theatre Artists (Boston)
Eliza Lay

Joint-ed Stock Theatre Alliance (NYC)
Kelly Van Zile

Woken’glacier theatre company (NYC)
Beth Manspeizer

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