Black Box

Everything You Touch

by Sheila Callaghan

Directed by Rachel Karp '18

Two worlds unfurl simultaneously: the fashion world of the 1970s and contemporary Manhattan. Though separated by three decades, both are shaped by the desire for perfect careers, perfect bodies, and perfect lives. In the 1970s, Victor, a designer, and Esme, his muse, are immersed in their quest for beauty, art, and the ever-elusive idealized versions of themselves. That is, until Louella comes along, a shockingly ordinary woman from Arkansas who inspires Victor to cast Esme aside and make his clothing accessible to the people. In the present day, Jess embarks on a cross-country road trip to see her estranged, dying mother one last time, with a stranger named Victor who may or not be the imaginary reincarnation of her father. Along the way, she is forced to consider her own body-image, fraught with the self-hatred she has inherited from her mother and her world.

Production Info

Directed by Rachel Karp, ’18
Scenic Design by Sarah Markley ’19
Lighting Design by Omi Furst ’18
Sound Design by Max Helburn ’18
Costume Design by Leah Mirani ’18
Stage Managed by Eve Gertzman ’20

Dates & Tickets

March 2-8, 2018
All performances at 8pm, except Sunday at 2pm
Tickets are not availabile at this time