Black Box


devised from the works of Charles Mee

directed by Jared Klein

A devised piece working from Charles Mee’s the (re)making project

There are people who still want to love each other
 and be together 
and not just halfway, 
not just keeping one foot out on the river bank 
ready to say at any moment
 ok, forget it,
 I guess we grew apart, 
save yourself, I’m out of here 
but they want to say 
no, I’m going all the way with you, 
I’m here with you forever
A perfect rectangle 
made of crushed beer cans. One big shiny ball 
with another one placed on top of it kind of like a snowman
 but pink or orange.
Light, basically, is how you orient yourself
 and a person without a sense of orientation, 
I mean, if you don’t know where you are
 and where you’re going
 and about where you are on the line of the place where you are
 and the destination where you’re going, 
a person begins to freak out.

Production Info

Directed by Jared Klein

Dates & Tickets

October 20-25, 2023
Tickets are not availabile at this time