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The Zoo Story [JKB LIFE]

posted on October 5th, 2017

The Zoo Story
October 4th-6th

The cast and crew of The Zoo Story had a tremendous Wednesday night opening! Take a peek into their rehearsal process as they lead us through their go-to warmups, the lessons they’ve learned from Albee’s text, and the personal challenges they faced along the way.

Written by Edward Albee
Directed by Lily Kamp ’18
Stage Managed/Lighting & Sound Designed by Chris Monaco ’18
Featuring Kyle Thompson ’18 and Sam Weinberg ’20

“Peter has come to Central Park for some peace and quiet. Jerry has come to Central Park for something else. With a single, spontaneous interaction between two very different individuals,  The Zoo Story explores what is true and what is false of human nature.”

Filmed by Giorgos Petkakis ’18
Edited by Sam Grant ’18 and Giorgos Petkakis ’18

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