Black Box

Let The Right One In

by Jack Thorne (a stage adaptation)

Directed by Rebecca Marzalek-Kelly

Based on the Swedish novel and film by John Ajvide Lindqvist, and adapted for the stage by Jack Thorne, Skidmore Theater presents the national college premiere of Let The Right One In. Awash in innocence and shrouded in darkness, the forces collide when young schoolboy Oskar meets his new next-door neighbor, Eli. Oskar is bullied, lonely, and from a broken home– all of which pale in comparison to the strange and secretive rituals of Eli. A bond is welded between the two unlikely misfits while, at the same time, a series of bone-chilling murders begin. Their extraordinary connection will be pushed beyond all imaginable limits in this haunting coming-of-age love story. Let the Right One In is an enchanting, brutal, and tender vampire tale recommended for brave and openhearted audience members.

Guest directed by Brooklyn-based theater artist, choreographer, and Skidmore College alum, Rebecca Marzalek-Kelly.

Presented by arrangement with Marla Rubin Productions Ltd.

Production Info

Directed by Rebecca Marzalek-Kelly
Lighting Design by Jared Klein
Scenic Design by Nola Donkin
Sound Design by Max Helburn
Costume Design by Alyssa Opishinksi
Stage Managed by Chloe Brush

Dates & Tickets

October 19-25, 2017
All performances at 8pm,
except Sunday at 2pm
Tickets are not availabile at this time