William Shakespeare

Holly L. Derr

The immortal classic and dreaded bad luck charm is given new life in this bold, genderbending production of Macbeth. In a world of witches, war, and madness, Macbeth and his cunning wife will stop at nothing to hold the throne of Scotland. The price of power, however, is greater than they predicted—paranoia, madness, and an army led by the strongest warrior in the land, determined to restore the King’s daughter to her throne.

Production Info

“Macbeth is generally thought of as being about ambition, but really it’s about so much more than that. In our production, we complicate questions about the nature of gender, pointing at Shakespeare’s underlying theme and reflecting the way gender functions in our more complicated world. We’re also using some pretty cool SFX to highlight Shakespeare’s use of the supernatural as a storytelling device and a way of exploring questions about mortality, nature, and time.” – Holly L. Derr

Dates & Tickets

November 20 - December 6, 2015
Tickets are not availabile at this time

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