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Lead Artist: Micah Pflaum ’23
Are you tired of watching theater from 6 feet away? How about theater from 100+ feet away? Kaleidoscope is a devised, site-specific piece where audience members can put on headphones and listen to an audio track accompanying the action they see. Through this combination of movement and sound, it explores distance, truth, and what it means to get the full story.

Borrowed Letters adapted by Amelia Schuster from the play Cyrano De Bergerac by Edmund Rostand, translated by Gladys Thomas and Mary F. Guillemard
Lead Artist: Amelia Schuster ’21
An episodic retelling of the classic play Cyrano De Bergerac. An adaptation that narrows in on the essential moments of this epic play to tell a simple story of love found, love lost, and dreams of ourselves too far to grasp at all.

Bamboo Box: Models for Your Convenience
Lead Artist: Wynn Lee ’21
This piece will focus on how Asian bodies and culture (and the media/stereotypes associated with them) are used for simple yet harmful commodification, entertainment, etc. for white people, and how privileged people focus on the commodified aspects while ignoring/not knowing the struggles Asian folks have gone through. In this project, the focus is on three types of female Asian stereotype tropes seen in media and how it’s packaged and marketed for easy to digest white media consumerism with a growing dark underbelly.

Young by Kat Collin ’21
Lead Artist: Kat Collin ’21
17 year old Lauren finds herself on a dark path of drug use, predatory relationships, and dangerous situations as she tries to make sense of herself in a suppressive environment. With the help of magical forest creatures, Lauren navigates the pain and confusion of lost identity and discovers the joy that comes from reacquainting with the authentic self.

Plano by Will Arbery
Lead Artist: Hanna Yurfest ’21
Isabel’s got pains. Anne’s got slugs. And Genevieve doesn’t want to talk about hers. She just wants you to eat the damn hummus (she made it!). Let’s talk about family nightmares. We mean, uh, memories.

Lead Artists: Will Carter ’23 and Anne-Sophie Vandenberk ’23
Seeking to create and curate a collection of original student creative pieces through an open performance pf student work. Uplift will incorporate the voices of BIPOC Skidmore students in the form of song, dance, and spoken word. The main focus of Uplift is to bring awareness to the BIPOC student experience at a predominantly white institution.

The Chaparral by Tatsu Rivera ’22
Lead Artist: Tatsu Rivera ’22
The Chaparral explores the twists and turns of what it means for one to flee as a coping mechanism as well the pressures that come with stifling one’s identity. This is a play that traverses the past and present of Jean, a queer man, as he travels through his safe space with his older and younger siblings Alexis and Alexis at two different points in his life.

Zombie Rain
Lead Artist: Jessie March ’21
We dance, we dance, and we dance! Everything is perfect! We dance on the hill in the sunshine! We have not a care in the world! But. When the rain comes, umbrellas go up. Zombies come out. This is a devised movement piece about people living in a world where the rain literally turns people into zombies. Also, nobody talks everybody just DANCES. Hallelujah!

Lead Artist: Marie Glotzbach (*Production Seminar devised by students)
How does the story of ourselves evolve?  This devised piece explores the architecture of who we are, and the experiences that shape the composition of the self.

I Love XXX by Meng Jinghui, translation by Claire Conceison
Lead Artist: Cameron Jabs ’21
I Love XXX is about the things we love. It’s also about the things we hate. It’s about the 1900s. Maybe. It’s about the 2000s. Maybe. I love that this play is about everything. I love that this play is about nothing. How is love universal but also how does love fail us? What can love and saying ‘I love…’ allow us to access as people that we couldn’t before?

No Names
Lead Artist: Fabian Rodriguez ’21
Set in a post-apocalyptic world, the Adults have become extinct by the (creatures not from this world)- who feed on the negativity and “trap” of adulthood, the monsters that we carry as humans. The children co-exist with the creatures, they don’t even know they exist until they do, and it’s too late. This piece will explore the beauty and grotesque nature of relationships we build with one another.

Frozen Fluid by Fly Jamerson
Lead Artist: Eliza Martin ’21
Somewhere in Mythic Antarctica, three scientists at a research facility live and conduct research out on the ice, continuously becoming and unbecoming themselves as they play out the creation of the world. Through a series of fables, Frozen Fluid chronicles the arrival of phytoplankton scientist Tay and the unraveling of the fantastic Antarctic world in which they find themself. Together, the scientists construct and deconstruct notions of gender, identity, religion, climate, and time itself.

Optais Amme by Cate LeCours ’22
Lead Artist: Cate LeCours ’22
The Other Country is a faraway land where peasants are ruled by an oppressive feudal Princess. There are two kinds of peasants in the Other Country: boys who cut the grain, and girls who mill and bake it into cakes. Boys who plant the flax, and girls who card and spin it into thread. The boys burn outside under the sun. The girls burn inside at the hearth. There is no switching. There is no opting out… unless??

Living Through Isolation
Lead Artist: Anthony Nikitopoulos ’21
A project that captures people’s experiences with isolation through a devised film project. Material will be devised and generated from interviews conducted with as many students as possible, highlighting their experiences with isolation. This body of text will serve as the basis for the project. The performers will be given the text and have liberty to devise with it.

L0S3RS: The Video Game Play by Lily Kops ’22
Lead Artist: Lily Kops ’22
Picture this: it’s early Saturday morning, around 12:30 pm, and a young middle-school boy awakes from a deep slumber. He journeys into the depths of his basement, and suits up for battle. Once his headset and controller are in place, he meets with the rest of his team, and together they set out on a dangerous and difficult mission, defending their pride against the most horrifying opponent in the online gaming world—a girl. This play explores both the virtual and real lives of several young kids as they navigate growing up and growing together from their own sides of the screen.



Load In:
Sierra Bynes-Eason ’21
Emily Calloway ’23
Sarah Lindner ’23
Moe Sanders ’23
Johanna Steensma ’24
Malin Zucca ’24

Scene Shop:
Patrick Carter ’22
Liz Cohen ’23
Callan Daniel ’23
Shelby Fairchild ’21
Emily Hardy ’21
Libby Hinshaw ’23
Taylor Jaskula ’21
Henry Tate ’23

Technical Director:
Jared Klein

Asst. Technical Director:
Dennis Strainge

Production Stage Managers:
Emily Hardy ’21
Taylor Jaskula ’21

Master Electrician:
Taylor Jaskula ’21

Costume Shop Manager:
Patty Pawliczak

Assistant Costume Shop Manager:
Samantha Garwood

Costume Assistant:
Camila Tardif

Props Coordinators:
Dennis Strainge & Suzanne Golub


Kat Collin ’21 General Manager
Jonah Harrison ’22 Visuals
Carter Jones ’22 Office Asst.
Sue Kessler Theater Management Director
Eliza Kuperschmid ’21 Newsletter
Wynn Lee ’21 Photography
Izzy Maher ’22 Ads & Membership
Kate Mahoney ’22 Online Media Asst.
Jessie March ’21 Outreach & Programs
Liliana Mastroianni ’22 House Manager
Emma Powell ’23 Box Office Manager
Gemma Siegler ’22 Newsletter
Julian Tushabe ’22 Social Media & Publicity
Hanna Yurfest ’21 Online Media

Festival Producing Class:
Cas Clifford ’21
Callan Daniel ’23
Claire Fink ’22
Jonah Harrison ’22
Amanda Hinge ’21
Izzy Maher ’22
Jessie March ’21
Joe Newman-Getzler ’21
Sophie Pettit ’22
Hanna Yurfest ’21

Front Of House:
Sierra Bynes-Eason ’21
Callan Daniel ’23
Vicky Grijalva ’24
May Halm ’23
Shiloh Hurley ’24
Carter Jones ’22
Christopher Kalleja ’22
Sandra Martinez ’24
PJ Moller ’24
Marley Schmidt ’23
Abby Thompson ’23


John Michael DiResta (Plano, Frozen Fluid & The Chaparral)
Teisha Duncan (Zombie Rain)
Eunice Ferreira (I Love XXX & Uplift)
Lisa Jackson-Schebetta (Borrowed Letters & No Names)
Julia May Jonas (Young, Los3rs & Optais Amme)
Jared Klein (Living Through Isolation & Kaleidoscope)
Gary Wilson (Bamboo Box)

The Frances Young Tang Teaching Museum and Art Gallery at Skidmore College
Adirondack Trust and the Skidmore English Department

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